My most productive hacking time is commuting to and from work with my laptop. I’m fortunate enough to nearly always get a good seat and I can get hacking away. This works great when I’m coding or playing around with Eagle, but not very good for working on Arduino or other embedded code.

Using an Arduino with wires hanging out of my bag is very messy, prone to loss and it probably looks like I have something suspicious in there.

My solution to this is the Commutino. I’m designing a simple self contained Arduino-compatible device that just has a USB plug sticking out of the side of it. Instead of a mess of wires for external sensors and devices, it has a second AVR microcontroller that will act as a simulator.


All of the Eagle files can be found in my Stash repository.

The next step will be to get it made. Here’s what OSH Park think it will look like. I’m just busy worrying about what mistakes I’ve made:


I may yet try out Dirty PCBs this time, though.





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