Homemade ARM Dev Board

I don’t like to do anything the easy way. I wanted to try designing my own PCBs and have them made. And I wanted to try SMD components, too.

After looking at the MC MCK project, I wondered how difficult it would be to build my own ARM development board. Taking inspiration from the Mc Hck, I ordered some samples of the Kinetis ARM microcontroller from Freescale and got designing in Eagle.

After a few hours of work in Eagle, I’d finished my first attempt:


I sent it off to OSH Park and within a couple of weeks, I’d received my PCBs.


  • Hot plate
  • Problems with solder braid

This project showed my how easy it actually is to do SMD soldering cheaply. It make it even easier I’m considering making some sort of PID temperature controller for the hot plate.



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